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The Dog & Fig Brewery is located just outside Parys in the picturesque Vredefort Dome. This tranquil setting expresses itself in the beer-brewing process.

The name comes from student days where guys were "Dogs" and girls were "Vye".

"Dog" also derives from an association with the African wild dog - these are social, tenacious animals, focused on their target and driven to get their prey.

The brewery members are:

      • Dog Director: Sean Barradas -
      • Brewer the wild one in the pack
      • Funky Director: MornĂ© Barradas -Design & Legal the crafty one in the pack
      • Fig Director: Cathy Dwyer - Media & Products the creative one in the pack
      • Nutty Director: Michelle Huyser - Financial and Photographer the wise one in the pack
      • Stout Director: Johan Huyser - Brewer the naughty one in the pack

We are constantly experimenting with new styles of beer, and are always open to the custom-brewing of specific types of beers on request. This led to the creation of our buchu beer, bringing a typically African flair to our beer range. The brewery members all have a scientific background, and therefore appreciate the art, but also precision of the brewing process. Thus, we focus on beer quality and consistency, while trying to maintain our unique edge.

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    • Type: Restaurant, Brewery

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Dog and Fig Brewery

Kopjeskraal road Parys Free State

Phone: 076 180 6521


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