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Route T1

T1 RIVER ROAD - Meandering from the inland water resort village of Vaaloewer, along the Vaal River to River Road in Vanderbijlpark, the River Road Route is a relaxed and picturesque route for day-trippers and weekend travellers.

With many of the superior accommodation and function establishments on the banks of the Vaal River, the River Road Route is a water based playground for high energy activities or laid back weekend breaks.


Route T2

T2 RIVERFRONT ROUTE - The Riverfront Route extends from the River Road Route and takes you further along the birding, fishing and water sport haven of the Vaal River.

The Vaal River continues its languid, leisurely course along this Riverfront Route, which adds the thrill of gaming, golfing game drives and world class leisure resorts for both business and leisure tourists.

The Riverfront Route is a getaway for young and old and offers activities day and night.


Route T3

T3 THREE RIVERS ROUTE - The businessman's retreat, offering prime conferencing facilities, the Three Rivers Route winds through the charming suburb of Three Rivers.

Named after the three rivers that cross through the area, namely the Vaal-, Klip-, and Suikerbos Rivers, the Three Rivers Route boasts attractions along the tree lined streets and is where business, shopping, pleasure and watersport easily mix.


Route T4 & 5

T4 SHARPEVILLE STRUGGLE ROUTE - The Sharpeville Struggle Route will take you through one of the most historic townships in the region. Sharpeville was established just outside the town of Vereeniging. Residents of the former Top Location were forced to relocate to Sharpeville, which paved the road for the Sharpeville Massacre. The Sharpeville Massacre in 1960 and Boipatong Massacre in 1992 shocked the local and international communities and both tragic events played a role in the beginning and end of the struggle for liberation and for peace in South Africa.


Route T6

T6 SUIKERBOS ROUTE - The Suikerbos Route will lead you to the Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve and to other smaller reserves in the area.

A stone's throw from Johannesburg and on the doorstep of the town of Heidelberg, the Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve is an environmentally protected area with Brown Hyena, Black Wildebeest, Secretarybird and Protea veld, to name a few. It offers a wonderful refuge from the bustle of the city.

Hiking trails (including a paraplegic trail), outdoor activities, a variety of natural habitats, wildlife and a range of accommodation to fit your pocket await you as you journey on this route.

Heritage buffs will also be catered for with the Diepkloof Farm Museum and many Iron Age sites within the reserve.


Route R23

HEIDELBERG RAMBLE - The Heidelberg Ramble takes you through the quaint town of Heidelberg. It has an old world charm that is captured by its well-preserved historical architecture and buildings .

Antique shops, accommodation facilities and other venues in the town echo Heidelberg's unique ambience and offerings.


Route R550

R550 KLIP ROUTE - The Klip Route is a scenic route that wanders along landscapes and farmlands and joins with either the Walkerville or Suikerbos Routes. This route is in close proximity to Johannesburg.

It boasts major industrial developments, such as the Sedibeng Brewery, which is home to Heineken, as well as other major developments, such as the lifestyle development of the Eye of Africa.


Route R54

R54 VAAL MARINA ROUTE - The Vaal Marina Route is a spectacular, route from Vereeniging to the holiday village of Vaal Marina.

The town itself lines the shores of the Vaal Dam where the scene is set for picnicking, fishing, sailing or relaxing against the magnificent backdrop of the dam.

The dam is unique in that three provinces make up the coastline: the Free State, Mpumalanga and the Gauteng coastline, which is by far the most beautiful. This is where you should be!

The Vaal Marina is the perfect corporate getaway and teambuilding venue for the outdoor enthusiasts.


Route R42

R42 SCENIC ROUTE - The Scenic Route joins Vereeniging to the historic town of Heidelberg.

Seasonal cosmos fields and wild game fill the breathtaking landscape and hills on this route and visitors are welcomed by venues that cater for the nature lover, hiker and birding enthusiast.


Route R557

R557 WALKERVILLE ROUTE - The Walkerville Route connects the Vaal to Johannesburg and Soweto. Large, open tracts of unspoilt countryside, conservation areas and prolific birdlife act as your guide through this peaceful community.

A favourite amongst cyclists and a blissful weekend escape, the Walkerville Route also offers markets for farmers, artists and collectors, countrystyle venues and a variety of outdoor activities for the family.

Specialised adventure seekers, and especially dive enthusiasts, will be thrilled by one of the best scuba diving training venues in South Africa on this route too.





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